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PyCon Taiwan 2017 Highlights

PyCon Taiwan 2017

Humanities and Social Science Building (HSSB), Academia Sinica
128 Academia Road, Section 2, Nankang
Taipei, Taiwan

Conference Days
Friday, June 9 – Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The 2017 PyCon Taiwan in Taipei is one of the most exciting tech conferences in Asia. The 3 day conference event organized by Python communities in Taiwan took place on 9th to 11th of June at Academia Sinica, Taipei. The conference event, along with tutorials and sprints organized before and after the conference, attracted over 1,000 developers, scientists, students, and researchers from Python communities across the globe.

PyConTW 2017 keynote speakers:
Hsuan-Tien Lin, Appier
Andrew Godwin, Django core team
Carol Willing, Python Software Foundation
Russell Keith-Magee, Django Software Foundation

Favorite talks from PyCon Taiwan 2017:

  • KKBOX/KKStream engineer Ironhead Chuang’s talk on generative adversarial networks. Ironhead’s slides.
  • Taipei Ethereum Meetup co-founder Liangcc’s talk on PoW Proof of Work, PoS Proof of Stake. Liang’s slides.
  • Director of the Python Software Foundation Carol Willing’s keynote speech on education. Carol’s slides.

Highlights from PyCon Taiwan 2017:


PyCon Taiwan (the Python Conference in Taiwan) started in 2012 in Taipei. The event has grown from a gathering of about 250 Python programmers to a 3 day conference event for more than 800 attendees. In 2017, PyCon Taiwan organizing team held the 6th edition of the conference. A list of senior Python programmers who have acted as PyCon Taiwan Conference Chairs: Yung-Yu Chen, Tim Hsu, Keith Yang, Tsung-Wei Hu, Tzu-ping Chung.

py image

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黃雅信 Yahsin Huang 畢業於國立東華大學英美語文學系。近期與日本比特幣社群重要推手東晃慈(Koji Higashi)、比特幣研究員陳伯韋(Po-Wei Chen)等人合作推廣區塊鏈未來的應用及技術。關注科技趨勢、新媒體藝術及網路新創,曾從事平面媒體中英採訪寫作和編譯工作。 Yahsin Huang is a tech writer based in Taipei. She has been working closely with Japanese crypto influencer Koji Higashi and crypto researcher Po-Wei Chen to build a thriving blockchain community in Taiwan. Her writing about technology trends has been published by Make Taiwan magazine, Blockcast.it, Thinking Taiwan, and Taipei Computer Association. She has a bachelor’s degree from National Dong Hwa University.

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