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7 Taiwanese financial technology companies to watch in 2017

Here are seven emerging Taiwan-based fintech startups to watch:

  1. Maicoin
  2. Gcoin
  3. Bitmark
  4. Lend
  5. LnB
  6. INSTO
  7. iDGate

Maicoin, founded in December 2013, is a Taiwan-based Bitcoin platform providing trading and payment services.

Gcoin is a permissioned distributed blockchain infrastructure for enterprise. In 2016 Mr. Shih-wei Liao, professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University initiated the project after teaching several courses on blockchain techonlogies at NTU.

Bitmark is a Taipei-based blockchain startup founded in 2014. Founder and CEO Sean Moss-Pultz started the company to help people claim ownership of their digital property, creating digital properties that can be transferred, sold, rented, leased, by developing a property system for the digital environment.

Lend 鄉民貸 is Taiwan’s first peer-to-peer lending startup company founded in 2015 The startup provides lending services similar to the San Francisco-based US lending giant Lending Club.

LnB, founded in May 2015, the company aims to reshape Taiwan’s economy with its prominent P2P lending platform.

INSTO is the first-ever person-to-person payment service that allows users to buy or sell anything in installments and scheduled payments. Payment plans are completely customizable and give greater flexibility for users to negotiate terms that fit their own individual needs. Founded in 2013, INSTO has offices in both San Jose, California and Taipei, Taiwan.

iDGate has developed an identity authentication system for online and mobile transactions that does not require a one-time-password via Short Message Service (SMS) or security device. The Taipei-based company leverages a multi-factor authentication process to send a push notification on behalf of the financial institution whenever a financial transaction is initiated that allows users to authenticate it via their smartphones. The aim is to provide better security and an easier-to-use experience to everyday users and to save financial institutions money, since the service is less expensive than the cost of using a security device or sending multiple SMS.


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