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Phrases that make a killer recommendation letter

How to ghost-write a powerful law school recommendation letter is something I have been thinking about for the past two months. Below are some of the phrases and sentences that I constantly use for my law school recommendations ghostwriting projects.

Opening Statements

Following are some of the most effective opening statements for inclusion in recommendation letters:

★ I am writing this letter to recommend Ms. Jasmine Huang for admission to the LL.M program at your university.

★ I would like to take this opportunity to write this letter of reference for Ms. Jasmine Huang to your J.D. program.

★ Her considerable legal knowledge and high proficiency in English have made her an exceptional student. Thus, I strongly support her to embark on further studies in the United States.


Assessment Statements

Following are several most powerful assessment statements for inclusion in letters of recommendation:
★ Jasmine first drew my attention in the Business Law class, where she expressed herself frequently and articulated opinions crisply.

★ Jasmine set herself apart from her peers in her classes with the quality of her work and her communication skills.

★ She had a positive demeanor throughout class and her positivity is always evident in the quality of work she turned in.

★ Her participation in debate and class discussion exposed her to many ways to thinking which would prepare her for what she would face in graduate school and her professional lives.

★ In my observation, Jasmine was mature beyond her years, and her studious attitude was rare among her peers. Despite her youth, she struck me as bright, capable, astute scholar.

★ It was a difficult class for undergraduate law students, yet she possessed the curiosity that propelled her to seek information beyond class materials.

★ She had a well-articulated strategy for where she wanted to take the team, and she was very adept at explaining that vision for them.

★ In my frequent meetings with Jasmine at school, I witnessed her tenacity and authentic desire for helping people discover their best selves.

★Classrooms are too small to contain Jamine’s enormous enthusiasm. She was an active member of Student Union who helped organize several important events.

★ She had that unteachable impulse to succeed that was rare and valuable.

★ Jasmine shined in the classroom and earned high marks in all courses I have had the pleasure of instructing her on.

★ She was quick, imaginative, speculative, and pragmatic.

★ I am certain that her energy, determination and initiative to overcome obstacles will enable her to excel scholastically in the future.

★ In this particular case she experienced the tactical difficulty of negotiating against a pro se party in the tense emotional environment of political issues. Yet she dealt it with grace and confidence, and most importantly, hard work that were recognized by all team members.

★ A lot of people come with great resumes, but without a lot of common sense and without the kind of personal strength that she had.

★ She was very poised, she was extremely articulate, she was very smart, she obviously was not intimidated by anything or anybody.


Closing Statements

Following are several perfect closing statements for inclusion in recommendation letters:
★ I believe Jasmine will be working on the frontiers of legal research and will become a competent lawyer for her critical and analytical skills.

★ In sum, I sincerely recommend Ms. Jasmine Huang to your program without hesitation. Ms. Huang’s intellectual strength in written, analytical and communication skills will enable her to excel in the future.

★ Jasmine has what it takes to become a competent lawyer not only for her intellectual strengths, but also for the maturity, confidence, and ambition that she has.

★ I strongly recommend her to your LL.M. program in the full belief that she will also perform great in your university.

★ In closing, Jasmine is a capable, astute scholar who will succeed in whatever path she chooses.


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