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Where can I buy The New Yorker in Taiwan?

Where can I buy The New Yorker in Taiwan?
A simple answer is you can get single copies of The New Yorker from the Eslite book stores in Taiwan. The Eslite bookstores have over 40 branches all over Taiwan. In Taipei, the one that I usually go is the one that is nearby National Taiwan University’s main entrance. The other one XinYi Eslite that I sometimes go is close to Taipei 101 and Taipei City Hall MRT station (the Xinyi district). Xinyi eslite bookstore is great for book lovers for it is the biggest, most well-stocked bookstore in Taiwan.

XinYi Eslite | 誠品信義店
No. 11, 2-3F, SongGao Road | 台北市松高路11號
National Taiwan University Eslite | 誠品台大店
No. 98, B1-3F, XinShen South Rd. Sec.3 | 台北市新生南路三段98號

Something that I recently discovered about buying The New Yorker magazines was a little crazy. What I found was this: If you purchase single copies found in one of Taiwan Eslite bookstores, you get a costly price tag about USD $16 for one single copy of The New Yorker magazine. But if you subscribe it online, you get 12 weeks for about $18 deliver to a non-U.S. address. In my case, the magazines are shipped to New Taipei City where I work. This means if you just ask the online New Yorker Customer Care people to swipe your credit card properly and give them the correct mailing address, now you pay almost the same price for 12 weeks. It almost feels like you” buy 1, get 11 free”. It’s insane.

And this is the copy that I received today.



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