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A “How We Met” Story

Key words: Taiwan’s First Data Science Conference in August 2014, a chilling Julia Roberts film, a Taipei.py meetup talk on TensorFlow.  
Liang and I met at the first data science conference ever held in Taiwan late August in the summer of 2014. There was this workshop session where very few women showed up that day, and Liang thought I might need a little guidance installing digital tools with my computer. He laughed when he found out that I didn’t even have a computer with me. I was a blogger and brought only my Media pass, small camera, cell phone and notebooks. This is Liang’s version for the first time we met. I myself could not remember anything. I remember meeting Liang, and a bunch of other guys at the conference, but I don’t remember any of our first encounter experience. I do remember spending lunchtime with him at the conference though. 
Then we started to chat on and off online via Facebook messages. I could tell he was very curious about me because he did an online interview with me, throwing a bunch of reporter-like interview questions about how to do tech reports and gathering information like a technology journalist. To my surprise, he put together a blog post of what we’d discussed and published the piece on his own website. You can still find the link today.(http://chihchengliang.github.io/blog/2014/11/01/Tech_Writer_Advanture/
In 2015, I was seeing another guy at the time but Liang and I kept running into each other, on the street in Taipei city and a Maker Faire exhibition in Tainan, and it felt like it was not by coincidence but by fate. Slowing and gradually we started to hang out more frequently and one day I mentioned a Julia Roberts film (Secret in Their Eyes, a crime thriller came out in November 2015), told him I was a big fan of Julia Roberts. He asked if we could go watch that movie together. On November 26, 2015 (the date has got to be correct because it was the date for the Taipei.py meetup.) we went on our first official date together and watched the most scary Julia Roberts film (the movie crept me out!). Afterwards we went to a Taipei.py meetup at CLBC co-working space which our friend Prof. Wei gave an interesting talk about Tensorflow. So a cold weather, a movie, a Chinese hot pot dinner, then a Tensorflow presentation for our first date. 
A few days after, I started working as an assistant to news editors at Taipei Times in Neihu district, Taipei. The newspaper people were working late hours and sometimes had to work through the night on breaking stories. I only had to be there from 7:30pm to 12:10am (midnight). The programmer and I hung out even more frequently since our movie date and started to come pick me up from work after late shifts. Meanwhile I was trying very hard to break up with the other guy and when the day finanlly came, I wept on the commute MRT train and Liang held my hand and gave me a hug for the first time. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now.

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