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Where to buy a drone in Taipei?

Guanghua Market – Best Drone Shopping District in Taipei

The Guanghua Market near MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station is the best drone shopping district in Taipei. It is also the top choice to buy computers, consumer electronics, and all the parts that you need to assemble products. It takes about a 5 minute walk from exit no. 1 of Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to the Guanghua Market. You can also visit the new Syntrend tech shopping mall and Huashan Creative Arts Park on foot. The location is fantastic, it’s close to everything!

The new white curvy 12-story tech-focused shopping mall Syntrend around the Guanghua Market area can be a good choice for new visitors who are looking for cheap computers, mobile phones, cameras, and consumer electronics to buy in Taipei. You will be ready to shop with the tech stores’ knowledgeable sales staffs and the building’s new air conditioners. AC is especially important for people like me who simply can’t cope with hot weather. On hot days in Taipei, I need the AC on almost all the time.

The Guanghua Market shopping district and its surrounding area and streets full of shops selling laptops and electronics are known as the best shopping place for geeks and electronics lovers. If you ask people where to buy a computer or a camera, many people will refer you to the Guanghua Market. There are tons of tiny stores for popular computer makers like ASUS, Acer and Lenovo. But what about buying drones? Are there any drone shops in the Guanghua Market?

Last night after work, my sister and I went to check out DJI’s first Flagship Store in Taipei. The DJI Taipei Flagship Store recently opened in April is right inside the Syntrend tech shopping mall. They were having a classroom-like training session on how to fly a DJI Phantom with a small crowd of people. Based on what we saw, strolling down the streets and wondering aimlessly inside Syntrend shopping mall, we saw plenty of international well-established brands like China’s DJI, France’s Parrot, and a couple U.S. drone brands, and a few Taiwanese drone makers.

market place

Another popular hidden-in-the-alley electronic parts shopping place at level B1 is close to food and MRT. It takes about a 3 minute walk from exit no. 1 of Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to here.

market B1

The mysterious level B1 electronic components shopping market place’s main entrance.

We quickly drifted to another relatively unknown shopping place at level B1 hidden in the alleyways where all the food stands were, outside of the tech shopping malls. The level B1 of the small shopping market (there is only one level, the B1 level.) had some of the best electronics components, LED, Capacitors, ICs and Micro-controllers that you can buy in Taipei. We went to look for Raspberry Pi 3, Arduino boards, and Quadcopter DIY Kits. There was this boss (we call him boss, ‘lao ban’ in Mandarin Chinese, even though he isn’t really a boss but a sales staff.) of an electronic parts shop who recommended us to buy Raspberry Pi 3 boards. He said that he had an American customer before who bought a Raspberry Pi board and built the entire drone with that board all by himself.

We didn’t buy any drones or DIY drone kits that we were looking for in the end. It was a little too expensive to buy DIY kits. We will have to do a little internet search first before we are ready to spend money. My engineering friend Tom Chen, who works in an interactive art studio, and his hardware geek colleague recommended me to check out a cool drone that they had used for a project: Bitcraze: Who knows? It may be something worth purchasing.




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