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Taiwanese artist Renren’s new book ‘Un moment français’ beautifully illustrates what French love looks like in real life

Taiwanese illustrator Renren’s new book, “Un moment français 達令的法語時間” came out this week. I wondered around the Tai-da Eslite bookstore the day before yesterday after work and found this little cheerful illustration book. I read through the preface and the author’s page and thought it was very inspiring. It said that the book author and illustrator Renren had once been an English language teacher for little kids and a purchasing sales for computer companies. Encouraged by his fine arts trained French husband, she began to pursue her dream career as a freelance book illustrator. For thirty years she dreamed of one day holding her own drawings but never pursued it. The author’s introduction noted that she made the career change in her late thirties, which I think is quite inspiring. Renren has worked on many illustration projects on books since then.

A list of links:

Buy the book on “Un moment français 達令的法語時間” by Renren

Renren’s blog:

Renren ‘s facebook page:


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