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July wrap-up

July reading wrap-up: Julian Barnes’s 2011 Man Booker prize-winning novel The Sense of an Ending Julian Barnes’s Levels of Life “The Dead” in James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners‘ Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids Read a bunch of long-form New Yorker stories published in the two issues that I received (July 10 & 17, 2017 Issue & July 3, 2017 Issue). Always a late delivery, unfortunately! But always an interesting read! I think the Hemingway story is my favorite. The New Yorker article titles: My Dentist’s Murder Trial Hemingway, the Sensualist Nick Kyrgios, the Reluctant Rising Star of Tennis America’s Future Is Texas July writing wrap-up: Submitted a short story to H G Wells Short Story Competition 2017 on July 12. Paid the entry fee and an additional absolutely outrageous international payment bank processing fee. Got no reply from the competition organizers. ( Submitted a short story to HISSAC Annual Open Short Story Competition on July 26. Paid an entry-fee and an affordable online credit cards transaction fee with PayPal. Received an immediate reply email from the organizer once my online payment was made. ( Here’s the reply email that I received …

7 Short Story Competitions for 2017

2017 HG Wells Short Story Competition Deadline: Sunday 16 July 2017 The length is 1,500 to 5,000 words The Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Competition Deadline: 31st July 2017. 3,000 words or fewer. The Writer Contest: Let There Be Light Deadline: August 21st, 2017 Word count: 2,000 words or less The Willesden Herald New Short Stories Competition 2017 Deadline: August 31st, 2017 The word limit this year is 7,500. 2017 The Short Story Competition Word limit: 1,000-5,000 Deadline: September 15th, 2017 Earlyworks Press Short Story Competition Stories up to 4000 words Deadline: 31st October 2017 The Fish Short Story Prize Word Limit: 5,000 words Deadline: 30 November 2017

Irish Writer William Trevor’s posthumous short story appears in the New Yorker magazine

“The Piano Teacher’s Pupil” by William Trevor from the June 26, 2017 issue of The New Yorker I’m very excited about the latest issue that I received this morning. The cover looks interesting and the Fiction section has a short story by an Irish writer William Trevor whose name I recognize. Regarding William Trevor’s latest New Yorker short story “The Piano Teacher’s Pupil”, the New Yorker fiction editors’ comment on Twitter: “It’s one of a few unpublished stories he left on his desk. Perhaps he wanted to go back to it; no one knows. It felt complete to us!” I first heard about William Trevor and a number of other notable Irish short story writers because of an annual short story competition the Seán Ó Faoláin International Short Story Competition 2017 which I recently discovered on the internet. Sadly Irish novelist and short story writer William Trevor died in November at the age of 88. By the way, the short story writing competition looks interesting. All you have to do is write a short story in the English language of 3,000 …